Tamerat, A Follow Up Story in Dilla, Ethiopia

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Tamerat, our adopted “son” in Ethiopia is growing up rapidly. His story is chronicled in earlier blogs. Now 18 and in grade 11, his studies are going well and he is a real personality around Dilla. I spent much time with him on this journey. Ato Tegene, a key elder at the 3000 person church in Dilla, and chemistry professor at Dilla U., has offered to mentor and disciple Tamerat in the months ahead. This will be an important step for a young man growing up without a father. We have the privilege to provide support. Tamerat is showing more signs of leadership in his school and Bible studies and wisdom as he speaks.

Tamerat prepared a breakfast for me in his small room on my first morning in Dilla. An omlette, potatoes, and bread. It was lip smackin’ good.


Here is Tamerat in uniform ready to go to public school. He wanted to go to the private Catholic school but classes were filled in his grade level. I brought him a used computer but he does not have enough in his budget for online service, so he is going to learn the ins and outs of Word, Excel and Power Point. His goal is to get into the Catholic High School next year or later this year if a spot comes open. He wants to study IT with a long term goal of being a journalist in Ethiopia. He articulates well his faith in God and principles. His English continues to improve. Pray for this future leader. Investment in Tamerat is $70 USD per month.

The other young man we support is Temesgne, a 19 year old, is now in grade 10 at the Catholic School. Talking to the school director, Teme is a great student with an excellent mind. He and his family are grieving the sudden death of his mother in the Spring. Dad is unemployed and along with a brother and two sisters are living in a one room apartment in a compound, very small. He is another future leader in the making and is being discipled weekly by a businessman/evangelist who also sees great potential in Teme as a businessman and man of God. Support for Teme is $50 USD per month.

Getting these men through college and life is a major goal. Gebe Abera, is the E. African Director for Compassion International and was traveling with us. He spent time with Teme and Tamerat explaining that as men they have responsibilities to themselves and God to walk a Godly walk, help others and continue to expand their knowledge. Having men like Gebe give this advice, and Ato Tegene, can speak well for their future.

This was a special trip knowing that the future of Ethiopia is in the hands of men like these two, a street orphan since 5, with a sharp mind and engaging personality, and a very poor young man with a great intellect and both who are growing in Christ.

I am off on vacation until December 2nd. See you then!!


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Teshager mekonnen(Boshe) · September 14, 2012 at 2:30 am

thanks for helping this to young men, i know them when they are young

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