Life coaching requires experience, listening skills, compassion, and an approach the brings confidence and moves the individual towards a desired outcome.  Paul and Jeanne believe that 4 factors are involved in life and career planning:  Values; Thought Process; Emotions; Actions

We believe that wisdom from the bible brings light to these 4 factors. Some individuals want chapter and verse from the bible and others are ok with concepts without the detail. We encourage including God each day in prayer and reading His word for wisdom and direction. Some key concepts we offer include:

  •  identifying the difference between goals and desires;
  • making plans to achieve desired outcomes;
  • developing a SWOT assessment (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats);
  • evaluating one’s positive and negative thought processes;
  • appropriating the power of being thankful and extending forgivenes
  • insuring those being helped take ownership for life and decisions.

Jeanne and I see each person or couple as unique with an incredible design.  Our belief is that God’s love for people helps them to positively engage others with care, compassion and love, regardless of their position in life, gender, race or ethnicity.

Finally, a guiding principle for Paul and Jeanne is that hope exists in every situation.  We believe strongly for those we meet, that personal preparation/action and seeking God’s wisdom through prayer, the bible, and people in our environment lead to positive outcomes.