Tomorrow-Todays Future

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Tomorrow will be filled with possibilities, victories, setbacks and relationships. Tomorrow is both a reality and an idea. Reality says the sun is going to rise, people are going to work, soldiers are going to the face the enemy,, problems unsolved today are waiting, and parents will get the kiddos ready for school.

Today is when tomorrow becomes an Idea. The words: plan, expectation, anxiety and hope frame our thinking about Tomorrow. The Holy Spirit helps us put perspective on Reality and for our ideas: development and direction.

Look at Tomorrow with hope…the biblical definition: “confident expectation.” The result is a healthy and positive approach to myself, others and circumstances. Tomorrow:

I will remember that yesterday I chose to invite God into my thought process (reality and ideas)

I will not confuse setting goals (outcomes I can control) with my desires (outcomes that require input from someone or some event)–mix the two definitions and frustration results.

I will refuse to continue any habit, thought or activity that is not healthy for me and separates me from God. A struggle? Find someone who cares and share your plan and concerns.

I will anticipate that God will act, acknowledge He is in control, and give thanks in everything. End the day with a prayer on your lips and wake up with one in your heart–a prescription for peace, joy and productivity.


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