Dilla Prison-Ethiopia

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Women Residents Learning a trade in Dilla

For the last 14 years I have been privileged to partner with the chaplains at the 1000 inmate prison in Dilla Ethiopia. Hundreds of lives have been, and are, being changed by the love of the founding Pastor Beza Basore (now with the Lord) and current Chaplain, Sebsibe Walasso. Redemption is about repentance. Repentance is defined as “change the way you think.” Some of us confuse repentance with confession. Confession is admitting to God or to someone that acts, words or thoughts were sinful in nature by God’s standards. Jesus has covered those sins. It is up to us, through prayer, encouragement from others, and being intentional, to bring our thinking in line with the values God has given us in the bible.

The men and women residents of Dilla prison are being taught the value of confession, the process of repentance and the life changing words of the bible that will lead to a renewed life and blessing, not cursing. That process is called “obedience.” That word by its very nature can bring immediate pushback as humans are generally “independent and rebellious.” And yes, me too! The men and women residents of Dilla are taught and embrace the concept that “obedience” becomes a “want to” not “have to” and carries the benefits of love, forgiveness, freedom, peace and hope. Thank you Chaplains.

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