In God We Trust (U.S. Mint)

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Regarding the Russians, President Ronald Reagan said, “Trust but verify.”  Unlike the Russians, we can trust God to be true to His character and word, today, yesterday and forever. Our money says, “In God We Trust.” If we can trust God there is no limit to our joy and peace.

Trust is putting faith to action.  A true story of trust is that of a missionary  team in Ecuador. Jim Elliot and 4 of his missionary friends and family headed to the jungles to share the gospel with the unreached Quechua tribe in the mid 1950s.  His story is shared in the movie, The End of the Spear.Image result for picture jim elliot missionary

An early act of trust in Jim’s life was putting his confidence in Jesus Christ.  Later, in line with that decision, he took his family to Ecuador and trusted the Lord to help them find, and then share the gospel with, the Quechuas.  Trust was required as they flew often into the jungle, landing on a strip of land by a river, and interacting with the Aucas’ who were known to be fighters and dangerous. Contact was made.

But the story has a twist. The 5 men are killed after having had some initial positive contacts with tribal members.  In time, relatives returned to, and lived with the tribe, shared their faith, at great risk, and in an amazing act of love, forgiveness and trust were privileged to see hundreds of Quechuas embrace the love of God.

The mission was fulfilled but not the way Jim and his team planned.  Trust is putting faith  to work, and sometimes there is a cost to trusting.   It may mean leaving a comfort zone to follow God’s leading, or forgiving someone, or even harder, asking for forgiveness.  When God is in the center of our life, when we know His character, when we trust He hears our prayers, then trust becomes a habit not an event.

Psalm 37 is my favorite Psalm and  speaks of a two-way relationship of trust and commitment. Having referred this Psalm to numerous people, I know great comfort and direction has been received by these words.

Is it time to put faith to work in some area of your life?  Have a great day.




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