Charging Toward the Gunfire and Giants

Published by Mike Brice on

Have you ever been overpowered by circumstances?  My last blog spoke about Elijah being overpowered by just the threat of circumstances caused by Jezebel.  Moses sent a scout group to scope out the Promised Land before taking the people in.  The scouts brought back reports of lushness and potential except for one thing: the inhabitants were huge, strong and “we were like grasshoppers in their presence.”  Harsh circumstances.  Two of the scouts, Caleb and Joshua didn’t buy into the negativity knowing that God had promised them the land.

In my years of counseling and life coaching, I have seen many believers in the face of difficult situations, become like grasshoppers as they viewed their “giant” problem. The Bible has numerous examples to help us face issues head on and to seek His solution. David faced Goliath with 5 stones and a slingshot, no armor and the knowledge that God was bigger than the giant.  Gideon reduced his army of thousands to a few hundred and defeated thousands of the enemy with God’s help.

Former US Defense Secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, has written a book, Rumsfeld’s Rules, related to leadership.  One of the rules is to “run toward the gunfire when under attack.”

A biblical truth is that we are to face our challenges and seek resolution with the help of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  Elijah ran toward the action with the prophets of Baal and then away with Jezebel.  The majority of the scout team and many of the Israelites wanted to run away from the challenge of entering the Promised Land.

It takes bravery/courage to run toward the gunfire and below are principles that are key and helpful:

–taking time to identify the real issue through prayer, reflection and counsel of others

–admitting any sin in our lives and confessing to the Lord

–capturing every thought, focusing on God’s promises not locked on the problem

–taking steps to solve the problem, often making hard choices

–seek counsel of trusted friends, advisors

–belief that God does answer prayers and direction is provided by the Holy Spirit thereby providing the way out of fear and anxiety-trust God.  I Corinthians 10:13.

Some clients have told me, “It’s too hard.”  But many others have said, “Thanks for encouraging me to trust God, risk and make the tough decisions.”  God told Joshua to be “strong & courageous” several times (Joshua 1:9) before entering the Promised Land.  He told Gideon the steps to take to insure victory, difficult steps from man’s perspective, with bravery required, and victory it was.  David stood before the giant with courage and God’s word. Elijah received His word to challenge the prophets of Baal and then saw God bring victory.

There is victory over our problems, fear, anger, and anxiety through bravery inspired by a belief and trust in God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  Face the bullets, charge toward the gunfire — “praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.”

— Paul