Leadership Development, Prison Evangelism and a New School

Published by Mike Brice on

Have you heard the term “banner” year.  I think 2011 falls in that category for Living Perspectives’ work in Ethiopia, not for what we accomplished but for what God is doing.

In Ethiopia, the school built for PK-K children is flourishing with 80 students.  The parents are beginning to financially support, along with the microfinance businesses we started for that purpose.  Biblical principles are being taught.

The prison ministry is vibrant.  The Chaplain we support reports more baptisms and he is coordinating training for other chaplains. His prison church has 350 men.  Sewing machines we purchased, along with materials and the trainers, are busy in the hands of women prisoners who are now producing higher end clothes and are learning a trade.  Two of our women have “graduated” from prison and we are exploring setting them up in a micro business.  We have been asked to help design a special room in the new prison for the church members.

Temesgne, Tamerat and Million our driver

The two young men we support, Tamerat, 19, (high school senior) and Temesgne, 21 (high school junior) are thriving in school and are being discipled by church leaders.  Living Perspectives is providing leadership training via the internet.  These are future leaders, with a Christ centered moral compass.  We have been privileged to introduce them to Christ and monitor their growth.

One of our early microfinance projects involved Meseret, an HIV positive woman with no means of support.  She has become a professional business woman wholesaling clothes, and is building a house for her relatives and her business.  We are going to loan money to her in 2012 to finish the house which will allow her to grow the business. She is a future leader with women and attends a large church in Dilla.

With our short trips there, only God can facilitate these many activities. We are the clay, He is the potter and to Him is the glory.