NFL, God and the Poor

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What do God and the NFL have in common besides Tim Tebow?  How does that question apply to my working with the poor in Bellevue,WA and Dilla, Ethiopia. NFL players, new and experienced, (e.g. Seattle Seahawks) receive a playbook each year with how to execute game plans. The playbook becomes their Bible, and with much practice and input from coaches, the strategies and plays will lead to a successful season.

Those who follow a triune God have also received a playbook, the Bible. The strategies are clearly stated with those that work and bring blessing, peace and results.  There are also chapters on thinking, actions and habits that lead to problems, failure and chaos.

How did I end up working with the poor? One of the Biblical game plans is a command to take care of the poor, widows, orphans, homeless and visit the prisoners.  By reading the Play Book, praying and input from others, and my 3 coaches (God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit) bringing encouragement from the sidelines, my game plan involves serving the poor in two sides of the world.

The first trip to Ethiopia was to be my last, a vision trip. With prompting from the Holy Spirit, 11 trips later, we have seen a game plan that has produced results as we have helped other organizations and fostered programs of microfinance, school building, work in prisons, evangelism and leadership development

Congregations for the Homeless on Seattle’s Eastside became another play out of the Book.  At the time I was working with high net worth people in venture capital. Again, my “coaches” encouraged me to try a new game plan, working with homeless men, bringing a whole new dimension to my life and great blessing.

How is your game plan working?  Have you written your own plan or would you like to adopt the Universal Playbook that brings direction, order and results?

We would love to have you join our work with the poor as part of our game strategy. Give me a call at 206.295.1820 or tweet me at LPcoachPaul..  Check out the website


Paul   (from the Playbook Ephesians3:20-21)








Paul has worked with hundreds of individual clients from executives to recent college graduates related to career transition and life coaching. Paul holds a Master’s Degree in Psychology. He has written a book, How a Man Handles Conflict at Work. Paul founded (1991) the Career/Life Institute and provides coaching, organizational design and career transition serving clients ranging from large organizations to family owned enterprises. He served as a consultant to management teams, and had senior positions for Bank of America, Right Associates and CRISTA Ministries. His ministry outreach includes Poland, Romania, and 11 trips to Ethiopia. He volunteers for Congregations for the Homeless in Bellevue, WA.